Tuesday, August 29

Gertrude the Gopher

GertrudeA new friend has taken up residence in my front yard; how can one sustainably treat pest matters around the home/farm? Pesticides and chemical deterrents may very well do more harm than good in the greater scope of things.

This German website (Translated) offers a Euphorbia species as a remedy for those "troubled by Wühlmäusen." It owes this unique property to Ingenol-3-angelate, purportedly a "tumor promoter." It also suggests Fritillaria imperialis, due to its Imperialine. Ever-useful PFAF notes that "The flowers smell of wet fur and garlic," which seems to be a reasonable deterrant in and of itself.

Invariably commercial botanic gopher repellents include garlic, castor oil, or dandelion.

The Gopher Getters shun other phytoremedial techniques for common marigolds. This may be the most convincing (and least toxic) suggestion. Marigolds are often used in tribal remedies and are widely renowned for their nematocidal activity. Tegete oil is a derivitive used most notably for bowfly deterrent and mosquito larvacide. Additionally, this remedy may not kill the vermin but merely force it off your properly marigold-lined property.

If all else fails: "Freeze, Gopher!"

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